Digital public goods can be developed and implemented by a variety of stakeholders, including government ministries, multilateral agencies, the private sector, non-governmental organizations and academia. We welcome the sharing of fact-checked and verifiable case studies that highlight opportunities and challenges in successfully implementing digital public goods in low- and middle income countries. We also encourage implementers to take part in relevant Communities of Practice as they are being created.

Pathfinder countries

A select group of implementing countries are referred to as pathfinders. These countries will help evolve the digital public goods platform and alliance through defining use cases and needs, ensuring enabling policy frameworks and safeguards are in place, implementing digital public goods, and sharing lessons learnt and outcomes. This will both provide on the ground results and help the alliance define and refine strategic pathways. The Alliance is currently in dialogue with several potential pathfinder countries in different regions of the world. Pathfinder countries must be eligible for receiving overseas development assistance (ODA).

Contratulations to Jordan as first pathfinder