Welcome to the Digital Public Goods Alliance Roadmap, a public visualisation of the core, coordinated and aligned activities undertaken by organisations working to advance digital public goods.

The roadmap is a coordination, alignment, engagement, and communication tool capturing stakeholder activities that complement and advance the four DPGA strategic objectives described in the DPGA 5 year strategy. Organisations that participate in the annual roadmap work collaboratively, transparently monitoring activities, and share updates.

Roadmap participation is determined on a rolling annual-term and is currently being updated for 2022/2023. The DPGA will invite stakeholders to add their activities to the roadmap based on a review and assessment of their DPG-related work. Organisations wishing to be included in the next roadmap can submit their activities for consideration through this form. Organisations that have activities in the roadmap will also be invited to become DPGA-members.

Explore the roadmap below to learn about the activities organisations are undertaking to help strengthen the DPG ecosystem.