A Virtual Safe Space for Women

Safe YOU, Armenia’s first digital public good

The Digital Public Goods Alliance is excited to welcome Safe YOU as a digital public good, now searchable on the DPG Registry.

Safe YOU is an application and platform designed to help combat violence against women and girls (VAWG) by providing security functions to those seeking help during emergency situations. Safe YOU works with CSOs, individual professionals, international organisations, and state authorities. It builds bridges for women to service providers, knowledge resources, and community support. It collects valuable, anonymous data that can fill the data gap in the fight against VAWG.

“[B]eing recognised as a digital public good (DPG)..means following through with our mission and further driving the change that we want to see in gender equality. It means being part of a strong community supporting and empowering each other. Becoming a DPG also means a higher compliance with international standards, another level of security for our users.”

– Mariam Torosyan, Founder and CEO of IMIN and Safe YOU

Read more about Mariam’s journey and why becoming a DPG is important to Safe YOU’s mission on the UNICEF Office of Innovation blog.