Highlighted digital public goods

Based on recommendations from Communities of Practice, the Digital Public Goods Alliance produces reports highlighting sector-specific digital public goods for their potential to address critical needs in specific sectors. Thus far in 2021, these reports include DPGs for Financial Inclusion that are digital public infrastructure (DPI) projects with high relevance for advancing financial inclusion at scale, and DPGs for Health that are Global Goods (mature, health-focused digital public goods) with high relevance for immunization delivery management.

These are the first of many sector-specific reports forthcoming from the DPGA.

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Financial Inclusion

This report highlights digital solutions specifically for their relevance to facilitating inclusive financial workflows at scale and enabling other solutions as DPIs, in addition to their ability to meet the DPG Standard. Six digital public goods are being highlighted by the DPGA: Apache Fineract, Mifos, Mojaloop, MOSIP, OpenCRVS, and X-Road. 

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Responding to the urgency of the COVID-19 pandemic, the CoP complemented and extended existing efforts to showcase health solutions with relevance to: immunization delivery management; the Digital Public Goods Standard; and the Digital Square Global Goods Maturity Model. Thirteen digital public goods are highlighted in this report.

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