The Digital Public Goods Alliance aims to provide the needed supporting ecosystem to make digital goods easily discoverable, accessible, and usable, and build a community to create, develop, maintain and deploy these goods all over the world.

We envision the following infrastructure

  • Mechanisms for individual users, beneficiaries, and civil society to have a say on what goods are offered, why they are needed, and how are they prioritized.
  • Decentralized governance to advance projects, funding, and decisions. Acting as a hub for like-minded people to come together to advance the development of these projects, discuss them publicly, and contribute from anywhere in the world.
  • Financing systems to address the sustainability in the creation, development, implementation and maintenance of digital public goods.
  • A repository of supportive regulatory frameworks for the provision and execution of these projects around the world.
  • The infrastructure of a software version control system for the development of digital goods that offers openness and transparency.

We envision a global community of people that shares a common vision of a more just and equitable world, and have the skills, knowledge and tools to realize their common vision.

Initial Phase

We are starting to define what constitutes a Digital Public Good, what prerequisites need to be in place for these goods to be globally accessible, and the minimum set of requirements that any application, API or dataset needs to met to be considered a digital public good.

The drafting of these definitions and requirements is currently underway in this repository. You can make contributions in the form of submitting comments or proposing edits.

Based on the requirements defined above, we have already started to compile a list of candidates to be considered Digital Public Goods. You can contribute by making a submission to this repository.