What We Do

The Digital Public Goods Alliance Promotes digital public goods to create a more equitable world.

Digital Public Goods

In 2021, the Digital Public Goods Alliance launched a 5-year strategy. The corresponding 2021 Roadmap details progress against the DPGA’s strategic objectives.

The Digital Public Goods Alliance also maintains the DPG Standard and Registry, convenes expert communities of practice and oversees digital public goods pathfinding pilots. Read more about each of these core functions below.

The DPGA stewards the DPG definition and measures solutions against the DPG Standard.
The DPGA maintains the DPG Registry of digital public goods, increasing their discoverability.
The DPGA convenes Communities of Practice to further identify high-potential digital public goods within a specific priority area.
The DPGA supports learning management from Pathfinding Pilots in low- and middle-income countries.
The DPGA Coordinates and mobilise resources and funding to where it is needed across the DPG ecosystem.

Communities of Practice

Communities of Practice (CoPs) are groups of experts who convene to support the discovery, assessment, and advancement of digital public goods with high potential for addressing critical development needs and responding to urgent challenges.

CoPs are a means of bringing together experts from organisations that are engaged in work related to a given topic, leveraging years of experience while simultaneously facilitating dialogue and alignment across these institutions and their networks.

All CoPs are led in collaboration with co-chairing organisations that have extensive sector-relevant knowledge. Each CoP scopes and defines a particular focus area based on inputs from governments, multilateral organisations and other stakeholders in the DPG ecosystem. The purpose of this process is to highlight digital public goods that can meet particular high priority needs. Based on input and feedback from CoP members, the DPGA releases reports highlighting DPGs that have high impact potential for that area of focus. You can see the reports published to date here.

 The following is an overview of the DPGA’s CoPs:
Priority AreaFocusCo-Chair Status
Early Grade ReadingFoundational LiteracyNoradComplete
Financial InclusionDigital Public InfrastructureiSPIRTComplete
HealthImmunization Delivery ManagementUNICEFComplete
Telemedicine / Telehealth / Virtual HealthUNICEFIn Progress
Climate Change AdaptationClimate & Weather ServicesNoradIn Progress
GovStackDPGs for GovStackGIZIn Progress

Pathfinder Countries

What are pathfinding pilots?

The Digital Public Goods Alliance works with partners and government entities in low- and middle-income countries to pilot new ways to change the power balance around technology and digital solutions through the use of digital public goods. 

Pathfinding pilots are time-bound initiatives, led by DPGA members in direct cooperation with, or with the endorsement of, a relevant government entity to build local capacity for the creation of new DPGs and/or to support the local adaptation or implementation for existing DPGs. Pathfinding pilots are tailored to the needs of a country and/or region and help define use cases, identify needs, inform adaptations, and enable policy frameworks.

Current pathfinding pilots (2021-2022) span the health, education, innovation, and youth employment sectors and are active in Eswatini, The Gambia, Ghana, Jordan, Kazakhstan, Sri Lanka, Uganda, Vietnam, and more. 

Explore all current pathfinding pilots & DPG implementations on this map or visit the DPGA’s Roadmap.

Women of Manduru village, Yumbe District discuss text messages received on a phone from Family Connect, an UNICEF health innovation.