DIAL joins the DPGA

DIAL & DPGA logos

The Digital Impact Alliance’s mission is driven by their belief in a world where everyone can access life-enabling services, and that digital technology – when safely deployed – is the key to making that vision a reality for everyone, everywhere. This is deeply complementary to our mission at the Digital Public Goods Alliance, and has driven successful collaborations between our organisations. So, it is fitting that today we welcome the Digital Impact Alliance (DIAL) as a member of the DPGA! 

DIAL’s membership will build on their leadership in the DPG ecosystem, and further share their commitment to how DPGs can help build a safe, trusted, and inclusive digital public infrastructure. In particular, DIAL will continue to: 

  • Provide technical leadership to the GovStack initiative, which breaks down the barriers to building sustainable digital infrastructure and implementing digital public goods;
  • Design and conduct qualitative research on digital public goods that will reflect cross-cutting themes related to digital public infrastructure, the environment, and gender; and 
  • Engage policymakers and data governance stakeholders around the world to highlight the opportunity for DPI to be designed, deployed, and governed for the public good, accelerating inclusive growth and fueling public and private sector innovation. 

Alongside the DPGA, DIAL also co-leads the Digital Public Goods Charter (DPG Charter), a multi-stakeholder campaign to align and mobilise diverse stakeholders and initiatives around a compelling shared vision for ensuring that digital public goods are a viable option for safe, trusted, and inclusive digital public infrastructure at scale. The DPG Charter celebrates how the public and private sectors, including the United Nations system, are working together to improve the use of open digital solutions by countries to accelerate progress towards achieving the Sustainable Development Goals. DIAL will utilise the insights gained through the DPG Charter process as a reference framework for investing in open infrastructure and standards to empower people and communities, spark private sector innovation, and facilitate cross-border collaboration.

DIAL’s workstreams bring together stakeholders from across the DPG ecosystem. Their advocacy work convenes communities of practice including the Africa Data Leadership Initiative (ADLI), a peer learning and engagement network stewarded with Smart Africa and the UN Economic Commission for Africa; as well as the Digital Donor Exchange (DDX), a forum for DPI funders to discuss topics of shared interest. The GovStack Initiative is formed by the Governments of Germany and Estonia, the International Telecommunications Union, and DIAL. In addition, DIAL is currently serving as an official knowledge partner to the G20, advising on how DPI provides the foundation that facilitates and sustains resilient societies, competitive markets, and inclusive communities.

Join us in welcoming DIAL and their continued advancement of the DPG ecosystem. Read more about the DPGA’s 2023 Roadmap here.