GitHub joins the DPGA as a new member

GitHub’s Social Impact team empowers nonprofits and the greater social sector to drive positive and lasting global contributions. Participants in thirteen countries across five continents engage, including through Tech for Social Good, which is a portfolio of programs that leverages GitHub’s products, community, and people to strengthen the social sector’s efforts to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals. A focus of Tech for Social Good is open source capacity building for the social sector. One of their programs, the MERL Center (Monitoring, Evaluation, Research, and Learning Center), is a community that creates materials targeted to non-developers to help MERL practitioners understand if, when, and how to use open source technologies. 

GitHub Social Impact supports our mission at the DPGA by helping to advance and advocate for the use of and investment in digital public goods. Through their membership GitHub will support research initiatives, skills-based volunteering for open source, and explore integration with the DPG Registry

Welcome, GitHub! 

Read more about how GitHub is working to increase the visibility of DPGs here.

And, stay tuned to GitHub Social Impact website to learn more about Tech for Social good initiatives.

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