Government of Guatemala joins the DPGA

The Government of Guatemala, through the Presidential Commission for Open and Electronic Government (GAE), has just announced their membership in the Digital Public Goods Alliance.

Guatemala’s membership represents a significant milestone in their digital transformation journey, including the search for innovative and collaborative solutions to reduce digital gaps and empower communities through technology.

“The use of technology must exist to contribute to a reduction in inequality and improve living conditions in general for citizens. As a member of the DPGA we will strengthen the roadmap that we have today for the implementation of innovation in public management through reengineering and simplifying processes and uses of technologyā€¯ – Enrique Cossich, Coordinator and Director, Presidential Commission for Open and Electronic Government.

As part of this collaboration, Guatemala will develop strategies that allow access to digital public goods including via digital infrastructure, inclusive technology platforms, and other solutions that seek to improve the experience for Guatemalan citizens accessing and using public services. In addition, they will promote training in digital skills and expand the scope of public services through cutting-edge digital solutions.

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