State of the Digital Public Goods Ecosystem 2022 Report

In 2022 countries increasingly recognised and implemented digital public goods as part of their digital transformations. Alongside this growth, the DPGA has seen an increase in the frequency, nuance, and sophistication with which digital public goods are spoken about. This represents an exciting chapter for the advancement of digital public goods worth exploring further.

With the Digital Public Goods Alliance’s State of the Digital Public Goods Ecosystem 2022 report, we seek to highlight the diverse work of governments, multilaterals, philanthropy, think tanks, technologists, and digital public goods themselves. Recognising that the discovery, development, use of, and investment in digital public goods is far too large for any government or organisation to do alone, we aspire for this report to help facilitate collaboration, deepen cooperation, and strengthen understanding.

We believe this report can serve as a tool for those interested in advancing the use of digital public goods to learn what actions governments and organisations are taking, discover opportunities for alignment and partnership, and to learn how digital public goods can be a force for change.

Within this report you will find highlights of the DPGA Secretariat’s work, including our specific role in stewarding the digital public goods definition, DPG Standard, and DPG Registry, our service to the ecosystem, and towards achieving the shared mission and vision outlined in the DPGA 5 year strategy

We also share updates from our members, which span across the DPG ecosystem, highlighting the organisations and governments who are leaders in this space, implementing, funding, developing, deploying, adapting, and adopting digital public goods. Sharing the work they’ve done this year demonstrates the breadth of work aligned with the DPGA.

“As an alliance we are the collective strength of our members, the DPGs, and all of the experts, educators, and funders who show up to our convenings to share their knowledge and experience of digital public goods.”  

Lucy Harris, Co-Lead of the Digital Public Goods Alliance Secretariat

In our outreach for this report, the DPGA Secretariat also asked all contributors what lessons they learned from their work on digital public goods this year. What surfaced was a rich variety of perspectives that cross sectors, geographies, and technologies and underscore a need for alignment, collaboration, and transparency when advancing digital public goods. These lessons learned conclude this year’s report and underscore the important work we collectively have ahead of us in 2023.

“What has excited me the most as DPGA Co-Lead in 2022 is the sense of being part of a rapidly growing, truly global community that is having real impact.”

Liv Marte Nordhaug, Co-Lead of the Digital Public Goods Alliance Secretariat

As we look to the year ahead, DPGs will continue to play an even more important role. And, they should. A more equitable world must be mirrored in our digital world, and we believe digital public goods can help accelerate the actions needed. At the DPGA Secretariat, we remain fully committed to supporting DPGA members and the broader DPG ecosystem to continue to align for impact.