Digital Public Goods Alliance Strategy 2021-2026


As we approach 2030, it has become abundantly clear that high-quality, open-source digital solutions play a critical role in the attainment of the sustainable development goals. While the pandemic has brought significant hardship globally, we have also seen firsthand that digital public goods have enabled governments to swiftly adapt and implement innovative digital solutions that are helping them respond to immediate health and social protection needs.

In June 2021, the Digital Public Goods Alliance (DPGA) launched its flagship 5 year strategy that guides not only the work of the DPGA itself, but also lays the groundwork for collaboration with governments, industry, the UN, civil society, and more. This strategy is the result of a collaborative effort from the four DPGA co-founders and numerous other individuals and organisations across the private and public sectors who provided invaluable ideas, input and feedback.


The five year objectives of the Digital Public Goods Alliance are:

  1. Digital public goods with high-potential for addressing critical development needs in low- and middle-income countries are discoverable, sustainably managed, and accessible for government institutions and other relevant implementing organisations.
  2. UN-institutions, multilateral development banks and other public and private institutions that are of high relevance for implementation of digital technologies in low- and middle-income countries have the knowledge, capacity and incentives to effectively promote and support adoption of DPGs that address critical development needs.
  3. Government institutions in low- and middle-income countries have the information, motivation, and capacity to effectively implement DPGs that address critical development needs, including to plan, deploy, maintain and evolve their digital public infrastructures.
  4. Low- and middle-income countries have vibrant commercial ecosystems in place to create, maintain, implement and incubate DPGs locally

Read the full 2021-2026 strategy here.